[NTG-context] Need a dot after float caption number (\floatcaptionsuffix)

Jyrki Ruuskanen yuruki at kotikone.fi
Mon May 1 16:44:08 CEST 2006

I need a dot after float caption number. Page-flt.tex has a variable  
called \floatcaptionsuffix which can do this. Still, this should  
really be handled by a parameter in \setupcaptions, for example  
"separator" (which seems to be unused at the moment).

I edited page-flt.tex like so:
<        \hbox{\doattributes{\??kj#1}\c!headstyle\c!headcolor{\strut#2 
 >        \hbox{\doattributes{\??kj#1}\c!headstyle\c!headcolor 
<       \def\@@kjkjseparator {\getvalue{\??kj#4\c!separator}}%

Which gives me the dot with \setupcaptions[separator=.].

Jyrki Ruuskanen

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