[NTG-context] \typefile with a file in \usepath fails

nico nicolas.marsgui at libertysurf.fr
Sun Apr 30 17:04:13 CEST 2006

On Sun, 30 Apr 2006 15:22:49 +0200, Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl> wrote:

>>> what version of context do you run? i though that i added support for
>>> that some time ago
>> Version 2006.04.27.
>> \dodotypefile checks where the file is, but a following call to
>> \makelocreadfilename seems to set improperly \readfilename, but I'm not
>> sure to understand correctly the code.
> \tracefilestrue
Hm, verbatim seems not using the file interface: there's no trace about  
file found or not related to typefile. Another thing I did is to patch  
\processfileverbatim to trace what is actually the file used:


And doing:

\typefile{list1.tex} % file in the current directory (ok)
\typefile{test-001.tex} % file in the \usepath directory (nok)
\typefile{joke} % file that does not exist (ok, an error is printed)
\typefile{pos2.tex} % again a local existing file (ok)

Gives the traces:

systems         : begin file typefile at line 79
jo              : file=list1.tex
systems         : searching for pdfr-ec on tex path
systems         : pdfr-ec located
jo              : file=test-001.tex
verbatim        : file joke does not exist
jo              : file=pos2.tex

So, the actual file path is not used, but it is the argument passed that  
is always used.


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