[NTG-context] generating formats with newtexexec

Renaud AUBIN aubin at nibua-r.org
Thu Apr 27 15:35:22 CEST 2006


Yet-another-report ;) :

I've installed mswincontext for the first time following the standalone
procedure three days ago. When I have generated formats with --make
--all, the format were put into "pdfetex/*". It works after moving
pdfetex into the right path manually (tex/texmf-mswin/web2c). At the
moment, I thought I have missed something, but I got it working... Now,
after reading the Willi's post, I feel that there is maybe a problem
with latest mswincontext...


Willi Egger a écrit :

>Of course I am unable to give an answer. Yet I would like to mention, 
>that also in the windows environment it does not work as expected. I 
>found the format files in a
>separate directory not in the web2c path. Everything worked after moving 
>the folder into the correct place.

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