[NTG-context] Changing page orientation - Landscape/Portrait

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Apr 13 10:49:15 CEST 2006

Miguel Queiros wrote:
>>> \placetable{Just an example}{\externalfigure[teste.tmp]}
>> This is what I call 'creative usage' of a feature :)
>> Better use \getbuffer for this.
> I was using \externalfigure because I saw that on the manual,
> and because I wanted to scale down the table to the width of the
> page. :)
> Can I do that with a buffer/table withou using \externalfigure ?
> I looked at the wiki and I should think about using 
> only natural tables as they seem to be much better... but
depends on the kind of table, in many situations tabulate is better (more text oriented); 

in most xml flows there is just the html approach to tables, and catching all in one kin dof table is impossible, if only because of typographical demands (unless one is willing to configure each detail) 


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