[NTG-context] long style of a row to put in a macro

olivier Turlier o.turlier at free.fr
Tue Apr 11 13:45:26 CEST 2006

On Mon, 10 Apr 2006 14:47:17 +0200, Vit Zyka wrote:

> Hans Hagen wrote:
>> olivier Turlier wrote:
>>>Hi everybody,
>>>In writing a glossary of building terms (approx. 400 entries) in a natural TABLE.
>>>For each letter, A, B, C, I want a screen background, spanning on 2 colomns,
>>>with \bf style, etc.  : this leads to a rather long definition that I don't wish
>>>to copy on each new letter row, so I made a little macro to recall this setup.
>>>This system is not working yet, so i beg your help, TIA for any answer
>> you can say odd/even etc instead of 1,3,5 
> Thinking about a feature request:
> I very frequentely set every third (3,6,9,...) row with gray background 
> to make wide tables well-arranged. I did it by a loop or with a script 
> that generates data. Some 'everythird' equivalent to 'even' or 'odd' 
> would be more strightforward.
> Vit

Maybe I was unclear, I just want to be able to recall a certain style for
certain rows : the position of the rows is not regular, as in my case,
it's for emphasis for each new letter (A,B,C, etc.) of glossary terms.

As this def is rather long, i just wanted to make a more readable code. So
I tried to put

in \def\Rowa#1{[nc=2,..]{#1}}

and call this def on new letter row by

%\bTR  \bTD [command=\Rowa] B \eTD \eTR % NOT WORKING
\bTR  \bTD[nc=2,background=color,backgroundcolor=screen,
	style=\bf,frame=off,align={right,lohi}command=\Rowa]B \eTD \eTR
\bTR  \bTD barre \eTD \bTD \'Element de structure .. \eTD \eTR 
\bTR  \bTD barre comprimée \eTD \bTD \'Eleme .. \eTD \eTR 
\bTR  \bTD [nc=2,background=color,backgroundcolor=screen,
	style=\bf,frame=off,align={right,lohi}command=\Rowa]C \eTD \eTR 
\bTR \bTD [command=\Rowa] C \eTD \eTR % NOT WORKING
\bTR  \bTD c.. \eTD \bTD ... \eTD \eTR

This is obviousluy a minor request, since i've already copied this def on
each row manually.

Thanks again

olivier Turlier

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