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Martin Kolařík martin.kolarik at email.cz
Thu Apr 6 15:31:23 CEST 2006

Hi Hans,

you are a magician :-)

I've included 8bit.zip which I processed using the latest beta (11:13 today). Heads are OK, but there is still difference in TOC entries. I did not analyze everything and I did not try play with expansion=yes/no and of course I do not know if the first case (chapterA) is not OK from some point of view even if the A head and A TOC entry differs,

thank you very much,


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I'm uploading a beta that may work better with xml and special encodings 



\title{Žluouècí konì úpí}


    <title>Žluouècí konì úpí</title>







\index{Žluouècí konì úpí}



... i'd like users of code pages and languages that use special 
characters to make test files for the test suite (hosted at the gforce 
server, see earlier mails)

once we have a clear picture of what to expect, i can 'make things 
better' (cleaner -)

also, since we will switch to newtexexec (becoming texexec then) soon, 
sorting etc will be taken care of there (i did some tests and it seems 
to work ok)

if this beta works ok (please test today -) we can go current



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