[NTG-context] Cite module: APA citation proposals

Johannes Graumann johannes_graumann at web.de
Tue Apr 4 23:21:42 CEST 2006


I'm using Tacos cite module with the default APA style. I'm a biochemist and
the majority of my cited sources derives from www.pubmed.org, which I
import into BibTeX via pybliographic. I have some slight problems with the
formating as provided by the database and was wondering whether it's
possible to fix them ...
1) Titles from PubMed always end with a '.'. Since the cite module (at least
the version with Tetex in Debian unstable) does not check for the presence
of a '.', but just appends one, I end up with 2 '.'s after the title when
using a unmanipulated *.bib file. Would it be possible to include a check
for that into the module?
2) Pybliographic also delivers the article language in a 'language' field
and not in the 'lang' field the cite module expects, which terminates
compilation with an unmanipulated *.bib file. Would it be possible to make
the module more promiscuous in this respect?

Thanks for any consideration of these minor, but inconvenient, points,


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