[NTG-context] Different pagebreaks for component and whole document

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Apr 3 11:01:31 CEST 2006

Aditya Mahajan wrote:
> Hi,
>   I have run into a strange kind of a problem and I am not sure on how 
> to debug to figure out what is going wrong. Maybe someone with more 
> experience with context can help me here.
> I have the following document structure
> project: main.tex
> environment:env_main.tex
> products: assignments.tex
>            handouts.tex
> project: assignments.tex
> components:assignment-01.tex
>             assignment-02.tex
>   and so on
> project: handouts.tex
> component: handout-01.tex
>             handout-02.tex
> and so on.
> Each component starts with \title which does a page break. There are 
> no local setups in any component. I expected that each component will 
> be typed out in the same manner, whether I compile the a component, 
> a product or the entire project. It turns out this is not the case.
> The first page of handout-01.tex is different when I compile the 
> project (main.tex). The pagebreak is set at a different place and I 
> get ugly page break at the end. If I compile handouts.tex or 
> handout-01.tex, the page breaks are same and there is no ugly 
> pagebreak at the end.
> Is it possible that such a behaviour is due to the length of the 
> document. main.pdf is 105 pages long, while handout-01.pdf is 4 pages 
> and handouts.pdf is 14 pages. It seems that due to the large length of 
> main.pdf, context is not trying hard enough to get good page break.
> Even a manual \page[disable] does not prevent the ugly pagebreak for 
> main.tex.
> I am totally confused by this behaviour. Any explainations or 
> suggestions?
it may be related to write nodes, marks etc that are flushed 
differently; if you can make a minimal example ...



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