[NTG-context] Rows and lines in tables

Robert Engelhardt context at robert-engelhardt.de
Fri Mar 31 23:23:35 CEST 2006

Hello all,

I'm a new ConTeXt user (started using it a few days ago) and I do have 
three problems now with tables which I could not solve reading the manual 
and the content of the ConTeXt wiki. I've created a minimal example (see 
below) illustrating my problems:

1. How can create lines with different widths using the "\DL" command as 
I do with "\HL[<factor>]" oder "\VL[<factor>]"? This would, in my 
example, allow to align the "dummy<x>" text in the first table with the 
numbers <x> in the second table.

2. How can I create a carriage return in the text of a table cell? 
Neither "\crlf" nor "\\" do work (tried it with the "AAA" and "BBB" text 
in the first table to get them into the same cell.

3. How can I synchronize the height of the first two lines of the first 
table with those of the second table, no matter if there's a line between 
the rows (as in the second table, a thin one as in my example or even a 
fat one) or not (like in the first table which visually has a "big 
cell")? Can I create an "invisible line"? How do I line up the "BBB" with 
the "YYY / ZZZ" line? Or, another possibility, how do I control the rows 
independently, having the "BBB" in the first table very close to the 
"AAA", perhaps even three lines of text there, and at the same time only 
two rows of text in the second table? What about having only one line of 
text in the first table, vertically centered to the corresponding two 
rows of the second table?

=== [example] ===

\VL[\bold] AAA \VL[\bold]\FR
\VL dummy1 \VL\SR
\VL dummy2 \VL\SR
\VL dummy3 \VL\SR
\VL dummy4 \VL\SR
\VL dummy5 \VL\SR
\VL dummy6 \VL\SR
\VL dummy7 \VL\SR
\VL dummy8 \VL\SR
\VL dummy9 \VL\SR
\VL[\bold] \use{2} XXX \VL[\bold]\FR
\VL 1 \VL \VL \SR
\VL 2 \VL \VL \SR
\VL 3 \VL \VL \SR
\VL 4 \VL \VL \SR
\VL 5 \VL \VL \SR
\VL 6 \VL \VL \SR
\VL 7 \VL \VL \SR
\VL 8 \VL \VL \SR
\VL 9 \VL \VL \SR

=== [/example] ===

I know, a layout with all these horizontal lines and two tables sitting 
next to each other is not the best one, but I'm trying to reconstruct an 
existing document which is designed that way. Thanks for your help!


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