[NTG-context] 64-bit linux minimal distribution

Piotr Kopszak kopszak at mnw.art.pl
Tue Mar 28 22:19:49 CEST 2006

On Tue, Mar 28, 2006 at 09:32:31PM +0200, Piotr Kopszak wrote:
> Hello again, 
> Some time ago I came across an information about 64-bit Minimal
> ConTeXt  Distribution, but I can't find it anywhere. Right now I have
> to stick to Debian tetex 3.0  but this is far from what I want, as
> ugrading to most recent ConTeXt breaks the package system. I wasn't
> able to setup a separate texmf tree in my home directory. It doesn't
> work. So maybe having a separate 64-bit debian in chroot with just a Minimal
> ConTeXt Distribution might solve the problem. Sorry for beeing fussy,
> but didn't have to make complete ConTeXt reinstallations for couple of
> years and now it seems things has changed rather for worse than the better
> :(
> Piotr
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OK, I found it in directory view at PRAGMA website. 


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