[NTG-context] \setupmarginrules

Vit Zyka vit.zyka at seznam.cz
Mon Mar 27 22:54:29 CEST 2006

frantisek holop wrote:
> hmm, on Sun, Mar 26, 2006 at 10:12:01PM +0200, Vit Zyka said that
>>>\defineparagraphs       [poem][n=2]
>>>\setupparagraphs        [poem][1][width=.25\textwidth]
>>>\setupparagraphs        [poem][2][rule=on]
>>>\setupmarginrules       [rulethickness=5pt]
>>this sets rules for margins. I guess the solution
>>\setupparagraphs        [poem][2][rule=on,rulethickness=5pt]
> sorry, i forgot to add, that i tried this one also :)
> seemed logical, but the result is the same.
> -f

OK, there is a patch (with minor correction):

\defineparagraphs       [poem][n=2,distance=20pt]
\setupparagraphs        [poem][1][width=.25\textwidth]
\setupparagraphs        [poem][2][rule=on,rulethickness=10pt]

%      \hskip-\linewidth
       \hskip-.5\getvalue{\??al#2\the\alteller\c!rulethickness}% VZ
%      \vrule\!!width\linewidth
       \vrule\!!width\getvalue{\??al#2\the\alteller\c!rulethickness}% VZ
       \hskip-.5\getvalue{\??al#2\the\alteller\c!rulethickness}% VZ

\input knuth
\input knuth

for distro it also should be accompanied by


in \def\dodefineparagraphs[#1][#2]%


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