[NTG-context] Automatic typesetting of catalogue entries

Piotr Kopszak kopszak at mnw.art.pl
Mon Mar 27 15:17:14 CEST 2006

Hello list, 

This is a more general question so I'm not attaching any specific
code examples but rather will try to explain what I'm thinking
about. I'm going to typeset a catalogue of about 200 objects. Each
entry consists of two main parts: a block of text and a photograph of the
object. As we have to be economic rather than luxurious I adjust
manually the size  of each figure so that the text fills the rest of the
page entirely. That means I keep on incrementing the figure width
until the text spills onto next page, then I go back to the last value
that was OK. Sometimes I have  to squeeze two entries on one page so
that each occupies half of a page. Perfectly repetitive task at which 
computer would do much better than human. Sorry if it's something
trivial but I couldn't find any solution on my own. 

Thanks for any hints in advance



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