[NTG-context] RFC: 'What would you like in an Text Editor?'

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Mar 27 10:24:36 CEST 2006

Hi Jeffrey,

Jeffrey Drake wrote:
> If you were going to use an editor for context usage (potentially
> integrated into a Context suite), what features would you like from
> it?

* Good spellchecking, including private and special-purpose dicts.
* A re-wrap paragraph implementation that leaves lines that do not
   start with alphanumerics alone
* support for different input encodings, notably utf-8 and iso-latinX
* CRLF/LF/CR conversions
* regular expression search (&replace)
* configurable syntax highlighting
* adjustable font size
* support for large (log) files (>100MB)
* rectangle selection
* difference checking

> Especially interested in what features in regular editors are quite
> useless to have around all the time. I tried the scite in the context
> mswindows distro, and didn't find it the most visually appealing and
> slightly cumbersome in configuration.

I use emacs almost all the time, with SciTE slowly gaining ground.
SciTE is rather ok, but definately too minimalistic for my taste.

These days I can do without gnus (nntp), vm (mail) and auctex, but I
use dired (file management), vc (revision control), gnuserv
(client|server interface), other-window|other-frame  (extra
windows/viewports) and the calendar|diary fulltime.

Cheers, taco

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