[NTG-context] Struggling with Old Style numerals!

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 16:04:27 CET 2006

On 3/15/06, G.C.H.M. Verhaag wrote:
> Adam Lindsay wrote:
> >......
> >
> >Do you have a recent ConTeXt? Do you have an up-to-date latin modern
> >install?
> >(Most advice/ConTeXt stuff depends on at least those two things, here.)
> >
> >adam
> >
> >
> Hoi Adam,
> What do you call recent? I was using TeXLive 2004, and the ConTeXt
> version available from this CD. Maybe that's already ancient, but good
> enough for me!

TeXLive 2004? Hans would probably call it ancient. If it is (was) OK
for you, it's no problem, but in such cases (when you need an advice)
you'll probably be left on your own if you want to keep using the old
distribution. Latin Modern was last updated in November 2005 (I don't
know if they're included in the last TeX live or not) and the latest
ConTeXt is from February.

> I've removed that one and installed TeXLive 2005! I was afraid of other
> problems, and indeed that's exactly what happened.
> So what should be my next move?

I don't know much about TeX live (the only time I tried to install it
it was broken). Under linux I often use this one (if nothing else, no
special privileges are needed for "installing" it):

You just unpack it somewhere and then put something like
    /path-to-new-tex/ /path-to-new-tex/setuptex
into the file which is executed each time the shell is started.
See the instructions. If you're in the dir where setuptex resides, you
have to say
    . setuptex
then make the formats (only the first time) and start using it.

An alternative is to follow the installation instructions on the wiki,
but I have absolutely no experience with that on linux.


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