[NTG-context] \page inside a block

frantisek holop minusf at obiit.org
Thu Mar 16 22:50:42 CET 2006

black magic, all of it!  i tell you! :)))

well, Hans, i guess your middle name is \T for \TeX :)

> > when the poem gets long, i need to start a new page obviously.
> > but page is not working.  what am i missing here?
> >   
> that it's unbreakable stuff (vbox)

> > also, using \page is one thing, good for me, so i could tell,
> > flush the page right here, but i thought i'll get an automatic
> > pagebreak when the text gets to the bottom....
> >   
> actually, this is a rather complex situation; one could use a tabulate

i myself had this feeling that the columns will not behave
if longer than a page.  but i had my fingers crossed, because
they are set up as "paragraphs" (\setupparagraphs), and paragraphs
don't have problems with page break, do they?

but after sending the mail, it just occured to me, that in this
special case, poems, static text, don't need much flexibility or
automagic, so doing a

line 1
line 2

line 3
line 4

does exactly what i want :)))

nevertheless what you just did there was very impressive....
i will study it in details, but i am not a great tex master.
i'd like to do context/books for a living, but until it's
only a hobby, it just needs too much effort learning all
the stuff, and to "keep in shape".

my biggest problem with starting context is the lack of examples.
it is not hard to find .tex files for latex, but context is different...

i think it would certainly help heaps if the manual source was
released, just like the \TeXbook's...  at least the old manual's

i think i have read something about this issue, but i don't remember
where or when :)

i know it must be an awful lot of work to make impressive manuals like
that, but they are not sold commercionally, are they?  is it not the
aim to make context more widespread?  so when we post a question here
about a silly layout problem, hundreds and hundreds of people would
answer :)))

i will certainly try to put more examples into the wiki, after i
understand them :)

one family builds a wall, two families enjoy it.

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