[NTG-context] Problem with typescripts - oldstyle numbers

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Thu Mar 16 21:06:27 CET 2006

I just realized the pattern in a somewhat unexpected behavior in a  
typescript. It defines several instances of Adobe Caslon (with or  
without certain ligatures, oldstyle, proportional numbers etc.). I  
want typewriter and math from Latin Modern. In the end, the typefaces  
are defined:

\starttypescript [Caslonpnum]
   \definetypeface [MyCaslonpnum] [rm] [serif] [caslonpnum] [default]  
   \definetypeface [MyCaslonpnum] [tt] [mono] [modern] [default]  

Here's the catch: as soon as I add a definition for a math font:

   \definetypeface [MyCaslonpnum] [mm] [math] [modern] [default] 

oldstyle figures will always be taken from the math font. If I delete  
this line from the typescript, I get the oldstyle figures from the  
font defined as [OldStyle]. Looks like a bug to me. Or am I  
misunderstanding something?


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