[NTG-context] typing and linenumbering

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Mar 16 10:02:46 CET 2006

nico wrote:
> Hello,

> The output is pretty as I wish, but unfortunately the line numbers are  
> *not* the numbers of the listing lines, but the numbers of the lines once  
> wrapped in the frame. In the example below the first line is very long  
> (the "blah blah" line), but in the output it is shown as 4 lines (with 4  
> line numbers).

I've tried this with a "method" trick, but that does not work too well
with 'location=intext'. Anyway, here is what I did:

                       \startframelisting \obeylines 


> Is there a way to achieve this in a more integrated way with the typing  
> environment? 

Probably, but I do not know.

> The other side effect of the method used is that it changes  
> the linenumbering behaviour outside the typing environment. I tried the  
> "reset" option, but it doesn't change the intext location. Is there a  
> possibility to come back to default settings?

The setup obeys normal grouping rules (hence the \begingroup ...
\endgroup in the code above)

> Last but not least, is it possible to customize the wrapping behaviour so  
> that an arbitrary command can be called before the cut, and another  
> command after the cut? What I would like to have is {\space\wrapsign}  
> before the cut and an indentation after the cut to show that the line is  
> wrapped.

That should be possible in typing environments. I even think there was
a wiki page on that. But in non-verbatim environments, the breaking is
simply TeX's paragraph builder, and I do not think context allows
tinkering with that (I could be proven wrong, of course)

Cheers, Taco

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