[NTG-context] Context Garden, wiki not accesable

frantisek holop minusf at obiit.org
Mon Mar 13 17:23:56 CET 2006

hmm, on Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 04:22:19PM -0500, Jeffrey Drake said that
> You definitely haven't seen our network administators. The proxy we run:
> Generated by squid/1.1.21 at proxy.lambton.on.ca
> This version is from 1997 at best. Not many people have a great deal
> of faith in them.

there are quite a few vulnarabilities for squid this old, hint hint :)

but a banner is only a banner, don't forget that.  maybe your admins are
much more trickier than anticipated :)

indeed.  a quick nmap reveals that the machine could very well be a fortress...

-ok, so i presume you can't turn off the proxy...

if you can access http://www.dnsstuff.com/ you could test
that others are able to resolve the contextgarden.net domains.

-i also presume that you tried to access using the ip number...

-you could try to use the google cache... e.g.

but of course, this is a cache...  so some stuff will be outdated.

-you could try going thru a web anonymizer..

still, doens't make sense for me - filtering contextgarden.net
there isn't even a dirty word in the url :)

best of luck, 
the best way to keep your word is not to give it.

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