[NTG-context] externalfigure and width/height scaling

nico nicolas.marsgui at libertysurf.fr
Sun Mar 12 13:44:53 CET 2006


I am new to ConTeXt, so please be patient with my newbie questions.  
Looking at the \externalfigure capabilities, I haven't found any option  
allowing to scale only one dimension (or scale both dimensions in an  
anamorphous way).

Am I right, and if so what is the best method to perform this?

I thought about using the \getfiguredimensions macro to get the natural  
dimensions, and then use something like  
width=0.2\imgwidth,height=0.8\imgheight, but it is a pity that the  
externalfigure interface does not allow this directly (something like  
wscale and hscale options).


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