[NTG-context] Context Garden, wiki not accesable

Henning Hraban Ramm hraban at fiee.net
Sat Mar 11 18:31:45 CET 2006

>>> I have no understanding of what the problem is to know even what to
>>> say to the network guys.
>> Print this E-mail and bring it to the network guys.
>> They will read this from top to bottom (people tend to read in that
>> order) and will known what to do ( yes, I assume that a network
>> administrator is worth it's money )

> You definitely haven't seen our network administators. The proxy we  
> run:
> Generated by squid/1.1.21 at proxy.lambton.on.ca
> This version is from 1997 at best. Not many people have a great deal
> of faith in them.

1. As Geert hinted: Email should be readable top to bottom.

2. If your network admins aren't worth their money, complain to their  
boss and let them fire.

3. We can't help you any further. It's a problem of your network/ 
proxy/DNS, but none of any of us.

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