[NTG-context] metaobj and colors

Renaud AUBIN aubin at nibua-r.org
Mon Mar 6 18:36:40 CET 2006

Hi all !

According to previous posts entitled [NTG-context] metafun "boxes", I
use metaobj but I have a small problem.
After reading the metaobj manual, I would change the color of several
"ellipse" shapes... But using b.option_framecolor_:=blue; or
newEllipse.a(btex a framed text etex) "framecolor(red)"; do not work...

Any idea ?

input metaobj; % here because if I put this in MPinclusions,
                           % it corrupts other graphics (i.e. strange
results with drawarrow anglebetween)

newEllipse.a(btex $S_1$ etex) "fit(false)";
newEllipse.b(btex $S_2$ etex) "fit(false)";
newEllipse.c(btex $S_3$ etex) "fit(false)";
newEllipse.d(btex $S_4$ etex) "fit(false)";
newEllipse.e(btex $S_5$ etex) "fit(false)";
newEllipse.f(btex $S_6$ etex) "fit(false)";
newEllipse.g(btex $S_0$ etex) "fit(false)";


newMatrix.mat(3,5)(nb,b,d,nb,nb, a,nb,nb,f,g, nb,c,e,nb,nb)
"hsep(1.5cm)", "vsep(1.5cm)";

mcarc.mat(2,1,1,2) "name(ab)";
ObjLabel.mat(btex $L_{12}$ etex) "labpathname(ab)","labdir(ulft)";
mcarc.mat(2,1,3,2) "name(ac)";
ObjLabel.mat(btex $L_{13}$ etex) "labpathname(ac)","labdir(llft)";
mcarc.mat(1,2,1,3) "name(bd)";
ObjLabel.mat(btex $L_{24}$ etex) "labpathname(bd)","labdir(top)";
mcarc.mat(3,2,3,3) "name(ce)";
ObjLabel.mat(btex $L_{35}$ etex) "labpathname(ce)","labdir(bot)";
mcarc.mat(1,3,2,4) "name(df)";
ObjLabel.mat(btex $L_{46}$ etex) "labpathname(df)","labdir(urt)";
mcarc.mat(3,3,2,4) "name(ef)";
ObjLabel.mat(btex $L_{56}$ etex) "labpathname(ef)","labdir(lrt)";
mcarc.mat(2,4,2,5) "name(fg)";
ObjLabel.mat(btex $L_{60}$ etex) "labpathname(fg)","labdir(top)";

mat.c = origin;



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