[NTG-context] metafun "boxes"

Renaud AUBIN aubin at nibua-r.org
Thu Mar 2 20:41:14 CET 2006

Hi all,

Yesterday, I have tried to put "\input boxes" within a MPgraphic. As a
result, I obtain errors at compilation. After discussing this issue with
Taco on #context, it appears that boxes.mp and metafun interaction is
not safe at all.
Ok, but since my needs remain the same, solutions are :
1. just do it, but manually (not smart at all)
2. use metapost then include the result in my document through ps or pdf
files (this solution needs the user takes care of fonts + manually
metaposting -> not "really" smart)
3. use charts (but depends on what you want achieve -> ok, but not for
all purposes)
4. define some metafun macros (time consuming at  the beginning but it's
best to invest for the long term)
X. others solutions I don't know yet... (feel free to add yours !)

My thought is to finally obtain in metafun:
1. Nodes with text (multiline text!) and a collection of "simple" shapes
to use like box, circle, box with rounded corner... 2. Nodes must be
placed freely accroding to the metapost coordinate system
3. Connections between nodes (using boundaries of each nodes +
possibility to give angles from...to for each connections)

PSTricks can do that but it can be nice if metafun can provide this kind
of features.
See http://renolab.lrv.uvsq.fr/perso/ConTeXt/sample.png to have an idea
(nodes are aligned in this figure but it is a particular case)...

Maybe a solution exists, but since I don't know it, I send this post:
1. Are other people interested ?
2. What is the best solution to implement this feature in metafun ?

My idea is to use \framed + shapes + path + ...

Feel free to give your opinion/need/contribution/whateveryouwant.... ;-)



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