[NTG-context] how to produce text with facing translation?

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Thu Mar 2 11:37:47 CET 2006

Hi all,

I think I remember some of you already had experience with this, and  
I'd be grateful for a few hints that can get me started: as a  
textbook for a class I'm teaching, I want a booklet that will have  
Greek text with facing German or English translation. For the setup,  
I was thinking of


What would be the best way to achieve this? A few requirements:

1. The left-hand pages will have the Greek text, the right-hand pages  
the German translation.

2. In general, the German translation will be somehwat longer than  
the original, so I need to be able to insert manual breakpoints, but  
I want these breakpoints to occur in midparagraph so the last line of  
the page isn't truncated.

3. Would it be possible to have two sets of footnotes, one for the  
text, one for the translation?

4. I guess that I'll need to use a grid to make ligns align, right?

Any help, as always, will be appreciated.



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