[NTG-context] Just another Table splitting question..

Fabian Doerk doerk at planless.org
Tue Feb 28 02:41:10 CET 2006

Hi ML,

which is the current preferred method to get a table splitted over
multiple pages within an float environment? I've tried natural tables
and linetables. Both within an \placefloat, \splitfloat and outside of
an float environment. Only one variant splitted the table as expected,
the natural table outside of an float environment.

The ML archive showed that this is a hot topic with periodically
repetition. But none of the former posted question regarding this issue
gets an proper answer:

Is the only solution to switch to another table implementation? The
reason for preferring natural tables (or linetables) are their frame
alike handling per row/column.

Thanks in advance for clarifying this things..

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