[NTG-context] media wiki ConTeXt

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Thu Feb 23 00:53:27 CET 2006

Hi Jan and others,

>> > He was impressed by ConTeXt and wanted to:
>> > 1.) integrate something similar to <context> command on contextgarden
>> > while keeping <math> functionality (can be done in ConTeXt too, most
>> > probably no need to keep LaTeX)

the <context> tag is completely independent of all other tags. I have
no idea how the <math> is implemented and if it can be changed to use
ConTeXt math.

>> > 2.) perhaps change the mentioned WikiPDF to generate ConTeXt documents
>> > -> PDF (perhaps that could be done via XML as well?)
>> Interesting notion (the link helped a lot)
>> I would definately welcome a way to make ConTeXt documents from
>> wiki pages! :-)

I have a mediawiki2... ruby script where ... is currently html and
xml. Its not perfect yet and not published anywhere, but if anybody is
interested in doing some ConTeXt stuff there....

> Firstly i would like to integrate Context in my wiki, like you have on
> www.contextgarden.net. I belive that Patrick is the man a need to ask. Than
> i would like to make back compatibility with <math>

Maybe you can contact me at my email address and I will put all
answers on a wiki page as well.

ConTeXt wiki and more: http://contextgarden.net

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