[NTG-context] skipping parts in compiling

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 17:59:22 CET 2006

On 2/21/06, andrea valle wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm writing presentations with large image files.

Do you have images in PDF or in some other format? Including PDF is
much faster than including bitmap images.

> Sometimes I make minor changes (e.g. typos).
> Is there a way not to recompile all but only some pages after I made my
> changes?

If you mean "can I recompile only page 3 and 4 out of my 100-page book
and get the whole document" that answer is no I think. But there are
other ways.

> In presentations I only have separate pages (no index, numebr of pages,
> etc)

In such cases I usually split files and include them in a "master
file", so that I can quickly and easily comment things out.

\input chapter-one
\input chapter-two

A more fancy way is to use projects/envionments/products/components.
You can then compile separate chapters or all chapters at once without
the need to change a single line in the source. They're described at
the beginning of cont-eni.pdf.

I wanted to ask something about projects/products in a new thread (I
didn't notice how great they are until some days ago), but since I'm
already talking about them here:
Data about chapters, sections, references, ... are written into an
auxilary file and have to be processed first before references,
indexes, TOCs can work properly anyway: would it be possible to have
an option not to process the auxilary files of single products but
those of the master document (ie. of project) when compiling single
products, so that cross-referencing, section numbering, ... would
remain the same as if the whole project was processed together?


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