[NTG-context] bib question

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Tue Feb 21 16:17:15 CET 2006

Hello out there,

I use Taco's bib module and have a question concering
labels/numbering. In the text I use \cite[knuth:texbook] and want to
have a label like [1]. In the list of publications I have all bib
entries also labeled [1], [2], ... but the ordering in the textbody is
incorrect. The first citation in the text is labeled [6] while the
corresponding entry in the list of publications it is labeled [1]. The
number 6 probably comes from the bib database, where [knuth:texbook] is
the 6th entry. So, how do I get [1] both in the place where I cite
[knuth:texbook] and in the list of publications?







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