[NTG-context] BibTeX and \placelistoffloats questions

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Feb 21 10:01:27 CET 2006

Hi Fabian,

> 1. BibTeX xrefs: 
>    Is it possible to get interactive references (maybe even with
>    different colour than the global interaction color) from the \cite
>    command to the referring entry in the publicationlist working at the
>    moment? 

What \cite style are you using? I can probably make something work
quickly for all but the authoryear(s) style(s).

> 2. BibTeX different colored keys:
>    The keys of \placepublications entries till the second entry on the
>    second page are colored red, the following belonging to the global
>    interactive color. What is the reason for that?

Do you know Torge, by chance? He asked the exact same question
only yesterday. Same answer: That red that you see is the
'contrastcolor' for interactivity.

I'm not sure (yet) whether the red page or the blue page is wrong,
but here is how to solve the discrepancy:


> 3. Vertical Spacing in \placelistoffloats:
>    Is there a way to get vertical spacing in e.g. \listoffigures
>    between figures of different chapters working? 

At the end (or beginning) of a chapter, you can add:


I am not sure that is the most elegant way to do it, but it works

Cheers, Taco

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