[NTG-context] BibTeX and \placelistoffloats questions

Fabian Doerk doerk at planless.org
Sat Feb 18 02:30:25 CET 2006

Hi ML,

currently i'am writing my thesis with ConTeXt and really appreciate your
work on ConTeXt. ConTeXt makes it possible to concentrate on the content
and needing as little as almost none TeX insights while achieving great
layout setups. Thanks. :) I'am just a ConTeXt user who hasn't any depth
knowledge of the whole TeX issue (yet).

I've can't find answers to some questions which poped up to complete my
desired setup. Please guide me to the place where i'll find the answers
which are hiding of me.

1. BibTeX xrefs: 
   Is it possible to get interactive references (maybe even with
   different colour than the global interaction color) from the \cite
   command to the referring entry in the publicationlist working at the

2. BibTeX different colored keys:
   The keys of \placepublications entries till the second entry on the
   second page are colored red, the following belonging to the global
   interactive color. What is the reason for that?
3. Vertical Spacing in \placelistoffloats:
   Is there a way to get vertical spacing in e.g. \listoffigures
   between figures of different chapters working? 

I'am using the following software packages:
   - Web2C 7.5.4
   - pdfeTeX Version 3.141592-1.21a-2.2
   - BibTeX 0.99c
   - ConTeXt ver: 2005.08.31 fmt: 2006.1.1 
   - tried also ConTeXt ver: 2006.02.02 10:56 fmt: 2006.2.3 on
     completely different texfm trees.

Thanks for your help!

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