[NTG-context] Fonts problems

Michal Kvasnička quasar at econ.muni.cz
Wed Feb 15 15:29:21 CET 2006

Vit Zyka wrote:

>> > Problem 1: I expect that a following file should typeset "tufte" in > Latin Modern font.>     \setupoutput[pdf]>     \starttext>     \input tufte>     \stoptext> ConTeXt loads some map files (/usr/share/texmf/fonts/map

>> Hello,
>it seems like old lm package (wrong map files). Try to update fromhttp://www.tug.org/cgi-bin/dirarchive/tex-archive/fonts/lm/fonts.zip
>Vit Zyka
Wow, it works. Many thanks. Well, I had to delete also old map files. 
But now it works very well. It works even with pos-typescript.

Have you any hint for the rest of my problmes?

Many thanks once more.

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