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Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Feb 9 00:14:35 CET 2006

Hans van der Meer wrote:
> That's what I had and somehow could not get working again.
you mean that you saw no movie?
> I therefore did some experimenting and now I have something working:
> In the above I first thought "StartMovie" etc would work but  
> "StartRendering" etc did the trick. As of the special purpose of  
> StartMovie and friends I am still in the dark.


(i didn't test it; this is typically one of the areas where pdf specs 
and viewers evolve over time; what works in version 3 viewers may fail 
in version 5; normally i adapt that kind of stuff when i run into it / 
need it (with the danger of breaking oder stuff); one problem is that 
there is a relationship (now) betwene the page where the resource is and 
where it is activated [it's that kind of dependencies that has shown 
up]; the same for sounds: resources need to be on the same page as where 
they are clled (which over time made some examples fail when viewers 
changed their expectations).

> \definerenderingwindow
>     [movie]
>     [width=1.33\makeupheight,height= 
> \makeupheight,strut=no,offset=0pt,frame=off,
>      background=color,backgroundcolor=BackgroundColor,
>      closepageaction=StopCurrentRendering]
> I had to remove the openpageaction from the example in the context  
> fle and then it stopped putting the movie on each and every page once  
> it had been opened.
the rendering mechanism is using the pdf 1.5/6 features i.e. separation 
between resource and rendering view (buggy in acrobat 6, but may be 
better by now) ; there is some example code in x-res-50 etc

> Finally typesetting the movie with:
> \useexternalrendering[purple][video/quicktime][purpleshort.mov]
> \defineoverlay
> 	[theimage]
> 	[{\externalfigure[themovie][width=\overlaywidth,height= 
> \overlayheight,type=jpg]}]
> starttext
> \hfill\framed[offset=0pt,strut=no,background={foreground,theimage}]
> 	{\placerenderingwindow[movie][themovie]}\hfill\null
> As you can seen I placed the movie in a framed. This because I wanted  
> the still image showing over it (you mentioned a "preview=yes" I will  
> later experiment with it. I guess it also will work here?
not sure, but overlays are ok (since the undocumented behaviour of 
viewers is that the annots end up on top when activated, they have their 
own rendering layer (and as a side effect cannot be made invisible in 
pdf layers; a typical example of pdf feature creap without forseeing 
implicationswhich then needs to be repaired in later pdf specs/viewers)

> The PROBLEM I encountered was that I thought to change the  
> renderingwindow's background with a local call to
> 	\setuprenderingwindow[movie][parameters leading to the overlay as in  
> framed]
> but to no avail.
> Maybe I did something wrong here? Could it be with the naming and/or  
> the number of parameters in the setup?
dunno, if you send me a zip with all resources and a small test file i 
can have a look
> Anyway, the stuff seems to work. From your answer I guess a sort of  
> manual is still far way. Pity.
well, it should go in the widgets manual, but only when the pdf specs is 
stable for this; there is some example code in the x-res files (media 
libraires and so)
> If you can spare some further hints, if necessary, I will be grateful  
> as always.
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