[NTG-context] definebodyfont vs. definebodyfontenvironment

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Feb 2 11:38:48 CET 2006

Thomas A. Schmitz wrote:
> Dear wizards of ConTeXt,
> may I bother you with a small question about my typescripts (yes,  
> that is a minor obsession with me...).
> I have two fonts defined in typescripts, font bar is scaled at a  
> certain factor to match the size of font foo. If I specify an  
> "unusual" size for the bodyfont (say 19.5pt), I have to put these  
> lines in my preamble:
> \definebodyfontenvironment[19.5pt]
> \starttypescript [serif] [default] [size]
>    \definebodyfont
>      [19.5pt] [rm] [default]
> \stoptypescript
> and I get the output I want, but alas, not in the footnotes: there,  
> font bar is not scaled. Would it help to add the size of the footnote  
> font in these definitions explicitly?

In general, yes.

>  And what would this size be ? I thought it was "small"

It is the token "small", but it would be easier to set it to an
explicit value. If you use


you don't even need a \definebodyfontenvironment, because it is
predefined. (untested)


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