[NTG-context] LaTeX array equivalence with multiline \lbrace

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Jan 27 09:33:09 CET 2006

Aditya Mahajan wrote:

>Not exactly. In this, I get two formula numbers, one for the case 
>`x=7' and the other for the entire equation. I can remove 
>\placeformula and almost get the desired behaviour. There should be an 
>option to flushright the equation number corresponding to each case, 
>i.e., I should be able to get
>|                                                     |
>|         ,-                                          |
>|         |   15,  if something                   (1) |
>|     x = {                                           |
>|         |   0,  otherwise                       (2) |
>|         `-                                          |
>Where the frame is the page boundaries. I hope I am making sense here.
this is not easy since the "x = big left brace" and "matrix" are 
independent things  and  i see no easy way to flush the matrix related 
number to the margin; i leave that to taco because he has more insight 
in what is possible in math/alignments


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