[NTG-context] page float in columnset

Vit Zyka vit.zyka at seznam.cz
Thu Jan 26 22:24:02 CET 2006

Hi wizards,

let me go back to columnsets. I try to place a float spanning the whole 
page area. When doing that the running text placing exactly one page is 
completely and forever lost! Please see example:


   \dorecurse{4}{#1 --- \input knuth \blank\endgraf}
       {Page float.}}
   \dorecurse{10}{#1 --- \input knuth \blank\endgraf}

Switching here -> page, tops, ... does not solve the problem.
The similar behaviour is observed when a float has one column width and 
fit the whole column height.

Is there some solution or another way how to do that and preserve the text?


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