[NTG-context] Sorting question

Vit Zyka vit.zyka at seznam.cz
Mon Jan 23 01:08:44 CET 2006

Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> On 1/22/06, Vit Zyka wrote:
>>We need to define (German?) sorting rules for newtexexec (newtexutil).
>>Tell me in between 'Ü' have to be sorted I will try to prepare a code
>>for this rule.
> ä (adiaeresis) is identical to a, ö (odiaeresis) identical to o, ü
> (udiaeresis) identical to u, the same for uppercase. ß (ssharp) is
> edentical to "ss" (same for uppercase, but in uppercase it's written
> as SS anyway).

Hmmm, that is not complete: I understand that every ü, Ü, u, U comes to 
single group, but is u<ü<U<Ü? Let say yes. Then try
\input sort-ini.tex

\enableregime[windows]          % Eingabe-Codierung
\mainlanguage[de]               % Sprachmodus	




\setupsorting[person][criterium = all]
%\def\person#1{#1\expanded{\index{#1}}, }
%\def\person#1{#1\index{#1}, }

\person{Unsinn, Klaus}
\person{Militzer, Bernd}
\person{Horten, Hans}
%\person{Überall, Heinrich}
\person{\Udiaeresis berall, Heinrich}



- newtexexec is needed!
- works for both index/sorting
- works only for \Udiaeresis not for direct Ü! Strange! Why?


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