[NTG-context] getcommalistsize

Hans van der Meer hansm at science.uva.nl
Sun Jan 22 21:36:01 CET 2006

Thanks, I was right in suspecting I did not completely understand the  
effect of \getcommalistsize.
It is clear now.

yours sincerely,
dr. H. van der Meer

On Jan 22, 2006, at 18:06, Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> Hans van der Meer wrote:
>> As can be seen the macro \getcommalistsize does not give a value   
>> back, \processcommalist works.
>> Am I doing something wrong here or understood it wrong?
> \getcommalistsize puts its result (the length of the commalist)
> in \commalistsize, but does not expand to anything, so using
> "direct call"s does not work.
> Cheers, Taco
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