[NTG-context] A feq questions about eating spaces in macros

Radhelorn radhelorn at mail.ru
Sun Jan 22 18:04:55 CET 2006


I have a few questions about ignoring unnecessary spaces and blank 
lines. The following example illustrates my problem. In the first 
start/stop pair text after \startcommand is not bold as it should be, in 
the second it is bold but blank line is before. I've tried to fix this 
with various manipulations with \noindent with moderate success.

Another problem is necessity to explicitly add % character before 
\stopcommand to ignore newline. How to do this inside macro with this 
combination of lines and sidebar?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.







<this must be bold>
\input knuth
<this is bold>%

some text

<this is bold indeed but with a blank line before>
\input knuth


Radhelorn <radhelorn at mail.ru>

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