[NTG-context] font encodings (glyph lossed with Gentium in T5)

VnPenguin vnpenguin at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 08:03:37 CET 2006

On 1/21/06, Henning Hraban Ramm <hraban at fiee.net> wrote:
> Ok, I'm uploading the next version.

Just tested.

Warning: pdfetex (file /work/apps/teTeX/share/texmf-local/fonts/truetype/sil/ge
ntium/genr102.ttf): glyph `dcroat' not found
Output written on test-gentium.pdf (1 page, 25034 bytes).
Transcript written on test-gentium.log.

The glyph "dcroat" was not found :( I think there is problem in
Gentium fonts with this glyph.

Thank you,

Vietnamese Open Source Software Community

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