[NTG-context] SciTE Setup in Windows and .rb scripts

Hooman Javidnia javidnia at engga.uwo.ca
Sat Jan 21 23:42:33 CET 2006


This is still in the same line as my effort to make SciTE work flawlessly
with ConTeXt. Accoridng to Hans's last email on the subject, I thought
that I have to install Lua and Python on my Win XP machine too. So I
did. Lua seems to be a very small program. Am I right? I installed
version 5.1 for Win32 and it has only 4 files, of which 3 are .exe files
and one is a .dll. In my try to make things to work, now even my TeX files
don't compile. 

The structure of my files is like this:

1) context.properties is in the same path as SciTEUser.properties and the
latter file has only one line in it: import context
2) All other context-*-scite.properties files are in the main folder of
3) I noticed that there should be come file scite-ctx.properties in one of
the directories. I have put it in the main SciTE folder. Is that the right
4) Isn't there some other ctx files that should be copied to the main
SciTE folder? Where can I get those? I didn't find those in the MikTeX
implementation on my machine?
5) As soon as I press F7 in the output view I get:
>texmfstart concheck.rb myfile.tex
unknown file type: texmfscripts
>Exit code: 0
No output is being generated.

Sorry to take your time with this issue. It might sound simple to some
people, but it actually isn't that simple. I will write about my
experiences later on when I am done with the setup.



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