[NTG-context] Text wrapping in SciTE

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Fri Jan 20 10:50:33 CET 2006

Ville Voipio wrote:
>> I was wondering what is the correct way of wrapping text while typing in
>> SciTE. SciTE can wrap the text, but it is basically a virtual wrap, it is
>> a long line tailored to the view of your editing window. On the other 
>> hand
>> you can wrap the lines yourself by pressing enter wherever you think 
>> it is
>> necessary. Which one of these methods is better? Or maybe there are 
>> better
>> alternatives? 
> I use the "one long line per paragraph" approach. The reason is simple: 
> it is fairly simple to wrap the lines afterwards. It is far from simple 
> to unwrap them if you have the hard line breaks. Also, with soft (or 
> virtual) wrapping you can add or remove text without any hassle.

I normally use hard line breaks, for some reasons:

   * I use 'grep' a lot. grepping long lines is problematic, at best
   * It is easier to comment/uncomment short lines, or to add remarks
   * Editor navigation is somewhat easier. Home/End are not very
     useful for long lines
   * line numbers in TeX warnings and errors make more sense
   * easier to copy and paste to my e-mail client

All very personal preferences, just use what you like best

Cheers, taco

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