[NTG-context] Force indent

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Jan 19 23:32:20 CET 2006

David Arnold wrote:
> All,
> What's the proper way to force an indent at the "However" below?
> Now, suppose that we're asked to shade all real numbers in the set $\ 
> {x:\,x>3\}$. Because this requires that we shade every real number  that 
> is greater than 3 (to the right of 3), we use the shading shown  in 
> \infigure[fig:realline3] to represent the set $\{x:\,x>3\}$.
> \placefigure
> [][fig:realline3]
> {Shading all real numbers greater than 3.}
> {\externalfigure[realline3]}

I would do:


Cheers, taco

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