[NTG-context] SciTE Setup in Windows and .rb scripts

Hooman Javidnia javidnia at engga.uwo.ca
Thu Jan 19 20:52:53 CET 2006


I am new to ConTeXt. Once I saw the showcase, I thought that this is even
much better than LaTeX which I have been using for 3 years. I have MikTeX
installed on my WinXP machine and according to the advice tried to setup
SciTE to write some practice documents. Still I have problems. I have done
everything in SCiTE in ConTeXt manual, but I can't still compile my
files. I have to go to command line and do it manually. Should I install
Ruby on my machine? What is Ruby for anyway? Where should I get those .rb
scripts and where should I put them?

Keep up the good work,


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