[NTG-context] \uchar and italics question

sjoerd siebinga sjoerdsiebinga at zonnet.nl
Thu Jan 19 17:35:01 CET 2006

Hello Hraban,

On 19 Jan 2006, at 14:17, Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:

> Hello Sjoerd!
> I found this thread rather interesting, even if my font problems  
> are probably in another realm.
> Could you document your problem & solution in the wiki?

Of course. But I am  wrapped up in work coming three weeks. So if  
afterwards is fine could you tell me the best way to prepare a  
document for the wiki?

> I just tried to get my hands at the font:
> http://starling.rinet.ru/downl.php?lan=en#soft
> But the EXEs aren't self extracting ZIPs as I expected, but real  
> installers (or something else), and I don't have access to a  
> Windows machine at the moment.

I had the same problem on mac os x. I can send you the ttf files off- 
list if you are interested.

> BTW if the fonts really are named "Palatino something" there may be  
> trouble ahead, because Palatino is a trademark (that's why URW++  
> names their version "Palladio").

I think the font is called Palatino Linostar. But I let the russians  
deal with the trademark problems.


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