[NTG-context] xml and buffers

Junod Antoine toto at tots-ns.net
Thu Jan 19 19:23:29 CET 2006

Hello gurus, 

I'm a bit into trouble wih buffers and xml parsing. Here is my problem:

I've got a .xhtml with the following lines:

     <meta name="course_name" content="Génie Logiciel" />
     <meta name="date" content="23 décembre 2005" />
     <title>Auction: document d'analyse</title>

I'm trying to store the content of the meta tag in a buffer, one per
meta tag, (ie "Génie Logiciel" in buffer course_name, "23 décembre
2005" in buffer date) to use these buffers when I meet the title tag:

     \defineXMLenvironment [title] {\startstandardmakeup

But it does not print anything else than the title.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot for you help!

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