[NTG-context] formula in itemlist

Hans van der Meer hansm at science.uva.nl
Thu Jan 19 11:52:39 CET 2006

I want to place a math formula in the item of an itemlist, but I keep  
getting overfull hboxes.
A minimal  example follows:

	\item dit is een
	\item dit is een formule
		n= 0		% this is line 7

in the log it says:

Overfull \hbox (17.62474pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 7--7

.\glue(\leftskip) 17.62474
..\glue 0.0 plus 1.0fil minus 1.0fil
.\penalty 10000
.\glue(\parfillskip) 0.0 plus 1.0fil

Removing the "\placeformula" makes no difference.

Although a fallback to $$ n = 0 $$ makes the overfull hbox go away,  
it does not seem the "ConTeXt" way of doing.
Is this something in formula about not changing a hbox-width inside  
the itemize?

yours sincerely,
dr. H. van der Meer

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