[NTG-context] \uchar and italics question

sjoerd siebinga sjoerdsiebinga at zonnet.nl
Thu Jan 19 11:30:11 CET 2006

Hi Hans,

On 19 Jan 2006, at 10:43, Hans Hagen wrote:

> can you test with:
> \unexpanded\def\unicodeglyph#1#2% watch the double mapping
>  {\begingroup
>   \getvalue{@@\currentucharmapping\strippedcsname\uchar}{#1}{#2}%
>   \bodyfontsize\unicodescale\bodyfontsize
>   \font\unicodefont=\truefontname{\unicodestyle\unicodeone}
>     at \currentfontscale\bodyfontsize
>   \unicodestrut
>  \unicodefont\unicodecharcommand{\char\unicodetwo\relax}%
>   \endgroup}
> i'll change the handlers in not applying a strut by default

This seems to do the trick. The bold glyphs look fine. There is  
however one oddity  in italics with the circumflex and caron on  
capitals and the macron in general. They are so vague that they are  
hardly visible.

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