[NTG-context] Resolution of the images

Henning Hraban Ramm hraban at fiee.net
Mon Jan 16 17:22:43 CET 2006

Am 2006-01-16 um 12:22 schrieb Andreas Wapf:

> How does texexec --pdf file.tex includes the images into the target  
> pdf file?
> Does texexec process modify the images?
> What is the target resolution of the pdf?

- texexec, i.e. pdftex, just embeds images (also pdf) without  
changing them, besides scaling

- a PDF has no resolution, only some embedded contents may have any

> How should I optimize the process for digital or offset printing?

- define your colors in cmyk (at least *also*)

- prepare your pictures for the right resolution; if you need two  
versions (say web and print) you'd need to prepare both; you should  
name highres and lowres the same, only put them in different  
directories, so you could use mode sections that define the image path.

- the right resolution depends from the printing method and the  
a common rule of thumb for color and greyscale pictures is "twice the  
screen" (res. in dpi, screen in lpi), but \sqrt{2} would in fact be  
line art pictures should have the resolution of the printing device,  
but 800 dpi is mostly enough.

- if some elements should touch the paper border, they must "bleed"  
2-3 mm over to avoid white "flashers" after cutting; that contains  
that the printing paper sheet is bigger than your final paper size.

- you can prepare book(let) ordering of your pages with ConTeXt;  
that's called "imposition" in prepress and "arranging" in ConTeXt.

What else do you need to know?

Perhaps you're interested in my formula collection for printing  
(source is LaTeX, unfortunately)

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