[NTG-context] mode dependend character handling

Henning Hraban Ramm hraban at fiee.net
Sat Jan 14 14:50:07 CET 2006

Sorry for answering that late.

> The correct way would be to define swiss as a language, because
> then you can put a suitable redefinition inside the language
> specifics, but the following hack will work as well and is a lot
> faster to implement (please don't tell anyone I proposed this):
>   \enableregime[il1]
>   \let\normalssharp\ssharp
>   \def\ssharp{\doifmodeelse{swiss}{ss}{\normalssharp}}

Thank you, that works and is just the right solution for my problem.

Mojca's proposal:

> \startmode[swiss]
> \definecharacter ssharp {ss}
> \stopmode

unfortunately doesn't work, at least not with utf regime and ec  

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