[NTG-context] Reg. fonts and math

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Sat Jan 14 09:36:14 CET 2006

<--- On Jan 13, Aditya Mahajan wrote --->

> <--- On Jan 13, Hans Hagen wrote --->
>> Aditya Mahajan wrote:
>>> No, I mean the complicated math is much harder in context. Consider
>>> \begin{align}
>>>  a &= b \\
>>>  c &= d \notag \\
>>>    &= f \notag \\
>>>    &= g
>>> \end{align}
>>> which will typeset as
>>>  a = b        (1)
>>>  c = d
>>>    = f
>>>    = g        (2)
>>> \begin{subequations}
>>> \begin{align}
>>>  a &= b \\
>>>  c &= d
>>> \end{align}
>>> \end{subequations}
>>> Compare this from how to do this in context (see the wiki). You have to 
>>> *manually* set the number of the subequation. Actually, for equation 
>>> numbering and refering, the context way is rather limited. Consider 
>>> something like an align environment
>>> a &= b\\
>>> c &= d\\
>>> e &= f
>>> Suppose, I want to refer to the second equation.  In latex, I can simply 
>>> add \label{eq:2} and the end of c&= d and then \ref{eq:2}. For context, 
>>> the reference label goes at the top, with \placeformula[eqs]. But I am not 
>>> sure, how to give individual labels to each equations.
>> this 'loose label' is one of the ugliest concept i can think of -)
> If you come up with any other way, I will be glad to use it. Frankly, I do 
> not think that the latex syntax is the best, but plain tex looks too 
> indimidating and context does not have anything yet.
>> btw, defaulting to numbers and then using \notag is messy; i prefer 
>> readable code, even if it takes more  bytes;  inventing a formula takes 
>> more time than keying it in.  Also, more structure,  means more hooks for 
>> configurability
> Fine by me. Your method is perfectly acceptable.
>> much if this 'complicated' math is not that complicated to support,see 
>> attached file
> Wonderful. I did not know that something like this can be done so easily in 
> context.
>> i'm willing to implement anything reasonable but since i  hardly use such 
>> math i only act on 'i want to achieve this' kind of specs (i have no time 
>> to read tons of tex documents)
> Here are features that I would want context math to have. I do not care about 
> the input syntax (whether it is same as latex or not) as long as the features 
> are there.
> [snipped]

One more request. Allow these align, gather environments to break 
across a page. Allow the user some kind of customization, whether the 
break can occur at a particular location or not.

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