[NTG-context] Updated RawSteps module

David Munger mungerd at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jan 13 00:25:59 CET 2006

Hi all,

There have been many requests in the last few months regarding the
RawSteps module, but I had not much time to spend on it before the
holidays. Until Patrick updates the garden, you can grab the updated
module on my website:


The documentation is also updated on the wiki:


New features since 2005-04-11:
* New macro: \OnSteps (thanks to Taco Hoekwater)
* New macro: \StepsRegisterNumber as a numbering helper
* Bug fixes: section numbering, table of contents, and step > 10.

Since I'm rather loosely monitoring the list, please CC me when
reporting bugs, or at least put "RawSteps" or "rsteps" as the first word
of the subject, so my email client doesn't hide it.

Best regards,


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